Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Larva Labs’ Intelligent Home Screen to Spice up Android

Most of the excitement surrounding the HTC Hero and Motorola Cliq isn’t due to revolutionary hardware or form factor. It comes from the user interface. Motorola recently announced their MOTOBLUR UI and HTC has Sense for the Hero and upcoming Tattoo. Proprietary skins on top of stock Android are all the rage right now and Larva Labs wants in on the action too.

Some will recognize their name from Android games like Battle for Mars and Retro Defense, but many will recall their blog post from a few weeks back where they weighed in on market sales. Or lack thereof. Digressing… Larva Labs recently showed off a home screen replacement that they’re calling the Intelligent Home Screen.
According to their blog, the premise is to separate personal information from general interest. Items like emails and phone calls sit above the status bar, while other things like RSS feeds sit below. Users can customize the layout by dragging the status bar up or down to indicate what type of information they’re most interested in. Newest content gets top priority and displays within the space provided.
Unfortunately, we’re only looking at a concept at this point and no time line for a public release. Keep your eyes peeled for beta invites or blog postings and be sure to check back with AndroidGuys for more information! If and when we can get our hands on this, we’ll share the love.

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