Sunday, January 17, 2010

No more scorched shirts with the Auto Lift iron [Ironing]

No more scorched shirts with the Auto Lift iron
We all get distracted at times, whether it's the UPS guy at the door, or a baby's cry, and it takes only a brief moment to take our focus away from the task at hand. Normally, we can just pick up where we left off a few minutes later, but if you're ironing, the smell of scorched cotton will soon remind us of what we were doing before being so rudely interrupted.

Scorched clothes could become a thing of the past with the Auto Lift iron from Ariete. This Italian stroke of genius has a sensor that knows when you're gripping the handle, and only then will it retract the little feet that hold the iron up away from your fancy threads. Let the handle go, and the iron quickly lifts up again. There are additional benefits to this face down position, as the iron will be more stable with its heavy plate in the face down position, and you're less likely to fry yourself by brushing against the hot surface.

The Auto-Lift is available in Europe for about $95. Let's hope their US importer brings it in soon.

[DVICE via Appliancist via Ariete]

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