Monday, January 4, 2010

Skiff Reader: The Largest Yet Thinnest eBook Reader to Date [Skiff]

It's bigger than any Kindle or device from B&N. Optimized for magazines and newspapers, the Skiff Reader offers a durable 11.5-inch (1600 x 1200) 'Metal Foil' touchscreen display, but it's still just a quarter of an inch thick.
Connecting to the upcoming Skiff digital store via Wi-Fi and Sprint's 3G network, the Skiff Reader will support yet unannounced content partnerships including books, specially focusing on large format print like above-mentioned magazines and newspapers—including "visually appealing layouts, high-resolution graphics, rich typography and dynamic updates." And with a screen that's nearly two inches larger and significantly sharper than even a Kindle DX, the Skiff Reader certainly seems well-positioned for this role—even though it's still just black and white.
There's no word on price or availability (more specific than 2010) just yet, but when the Skiff Reader is available, you'll be picking one up from Sprint.

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