Friday, March 12, 2010

3D chips to take Moore's Law past 2020?

3D chips to take Moore's Law past 2020?
Here's a technique that can keep processor density doubling every two years, keeping up with Moore's Law using a couple of clever techniques. IBM and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Z├╝rich figured out a way to stack multiple processor cores vertically instead of next to each other as they are now.

That neat trick speeds up data transfers between the cores, making them 'many times faster.' With all this extra speed comes more heat, but that's covered by a cooling system using tiny tubes that are the width of a human hair, bringing cooling water or evaporating refrigerant in between the 3D cores, keeping everything frosty.

The result? Aquasaur, the first water-cooled supercomputer of its kind, using multiple nano surfaces to keep its blinding speed from generating so much heat that the whole thing melts down into a useless blob of silicon and metal. Now if they could just fit this into an iPhone....

[DVICE via Kurzweil AI]

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