Monday, March 1, 2010

MorphPad, a physical keypad and touchpad all at the same time

MorphPad, a physical keypad and touchpad all at the same time
When buying a phone, you usually have to decide between something with a traditional keypad or a more versatile touchscreen. Why can't you just have it both? It's 2010, for goodness sake. Well, Pelikon is looking to make the old keypad vs. touchpad debate a thing of the past for consumers with its upcoming MorphPad.

The MorphPad looks like your average keypad when everything is all lit up. When the backlighting gets a little creative, however, it's different uses become apparent. A numerical keypad, for instance, could be illuminated when you want to use your phone. Want to play a game? All of a sudden you're looking at glowing directional buttons like you'd see on a game console controller. With an entire surface that doubles as a touchpad, the MorphPad really covers all bases when it comes to controlling a phone.

You won't see the MorphPad on any phone just yet, but Pelikon is already partnered with companies such as Toshiba on various projects, so there's a good chance this idea won't remain a prototype. Check out a demo of the MorphPad in action in the video below.

[DVICE via Pelikon, via Engadget]

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