Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Devon Tread 1 Motorized Watch Looks Awesome, but Crazy Expensive [Watches]

I have said before that I don’t wear watches. If I were a billionaire and could just throw away money on cool stuff that I don’t really need, I would buy this new Devon Tread 1 watch.


This thing has a clear polycarbonate case that is supposedly bulletproof. The coolness is that all the numbers to tell time are printed on bands that are woven together and move to place the correct numbers in each of the colored boxes on the watch face.


This has to be one of the coolest watches that I have ever seen and all the moving bands require four little motors on the inside. The downside to all the cool the watch has to offer is the ISL 56,026.17 ($15,000) price tag.

[technabob via The Awesomer]

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