Friday, April 9, 2010

Mitsubishi WD-82738: 82 Inches of 3D TV For Only $3800 [HomeTheater]

Mitsubishi WD-82738: 82 Inches of 3D TV For Only 00

Mitsubishi announced three new lines of (relatively) affordable 3D Home Cinema TVs today, but the one that sticks out? An 82-inch DLP that puts jumbo-sized 3D in your home for under ISL 14,796.69 ($4,000.)

The trade-off, of course, is that DLP is going to put a little junk in your TV's trunk. But it's a trade-off I'd be willing to make for the price. The WD-82738 steps up from last year's WD-82737 by adding StreamTV Internet Media—with applications ranging from Pandora to Vudu to NY Times. The WD-82838, another 82-inch set that costs ISL 16,646.28 ($4,500,) also includes Immersive Sound Technology, an integrated 16-speaker 5.1 surround sound system.

And if you don't need that much screen real estate, the WD-60638 (the smallest in the series) gives you a 60-inch 3D DLP for ISL 4,439.01 ($1200.) For a 3D set, however fat, that's pretty impressive.

Availability and Suggested Retail Pricing:

638 Series
WD-60638 - ISL 4,435.31 ($1,199.00) WD-65638 - ISL 5,545.06 ($1,499.00) WD-73638 - ISL 7,394.65 ($1,999.00)

738 Series
WD-60738 - ISL 5,175.14 ($1,399.00) WD-65738 - ISL 6,654.81 ($1,799.00) WD-73738 - ISL 8,874.32 ($2,399.00) WD-82738 - ISL 14,053.16 ($3,799.00)

838 Series
WD-65838 - ISL 8,134.48 ($2,199.00) WD-73838 - ISL 10,353.98 ($2,799.00) WD-82838 - ISL 16,642.58 ($4,499.00)


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