Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fujitsu and Docomo debut Separate Keitai modular phone

Fujitsu and Docomo debut Separate Keitai modular phone
NTT Docomo, in partnership with Fujitsu, updates its modular cell phone concept with the debut of the new Separate Keitai F-04B. The cell phone's main innovation is its ability to separate into two pieces, one acting as the keyboard/computer the other acting as the display, both communicating via Bluetooth.
The amazing thing about this device is that the separation doesn't cripple the functionality of the two pieces. The display can be used separately as a touchscreen interface and telephone, while the other part can be used as a keyboard, microphone and speaker. When joined the unit functions as a kind of slide-out keyboard phone. The set-up also has an optional projector attachment that allows you use the phone to view movies. Pricing has not been announced, but this is probably the closest we've come to a true mini-desktop dynamic in a mobile phone format, so the bar has been officially raised.
[DVICE via Nikkei]

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