Sunday, November 8, 2009

Samsung's New Ultra Slim 30-Nanometer Flash Memory Chips Will Cause Gadget Shrinkage [Flash Memory]

With stacks of eight being only 0.6mm thick, Samsung's new 30-nanometer NAND chips are practically anorexic, but for once that's a good thing. Thinner chips like these could bring smaller gadgets and hopefully also lead to lower SSD prices.
According to Samsung, their new chips are actually the slimmest ever and '40% thinner and lighter than a conventional memory package.' Whether those details are true or not, I look forward to seeing them hit the market and start slipping into newer, smaller gadgets.
[Gizmodo via Information Week via Engadget]


  1. This is an amazing breakthrough on behalf of Samsung, and I think that the 30nm chip will help bring computing and mobile phones together. I think that this is a prime example of what Terence McKenna was discussing about 2012, in his linear display. We are truly beginning to learn the same amount of information in a small amount of time, that is equivalent to that of our entire history.

  2. That is interesting. I do think we creating much more history than people used to as history is much more documented in all types of media which were and weren't available in past years. The amount of data which is accumulated in some kind of a storage in a moment these days equals the amount of data which was collected in a year or more 20 or even 10 years ago. And I'm not talking about a century of history ago.


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