Monday, November 30, 2009

GlucoTrack Ear Lobe Non Invasive Glucometer [Diabetes]

Amy Tenderich of DiabetesMine recently met a representative of Integrity Applications, an Ashkelon, Israel firm that has developed the GlucoTrack non-invasive blood glucose monitor. The device, which we profiled about four years ago when it was still in prototype stage, uses ultrasound, conductivity and heat capacity in an ear clip sensor to take glucose readings in a matter of seconds. Integrity recently received European approval for the GlucoTrack and is now waiting for FDA's blessings to market in the US.

From DiabetesMine:

But even on the existing non-continuous model, the key question of course is how accurate is it? That’s the deal-breaker, because who’s going to switch to something less accurate than what we already have? The bottom line is that right now, Integrity’s data show that GlucoTrack is more accurate than other non-invasive technologies, but not as consistently accurate as current fingerstick meters.
“We’re working to improve that. Our technology uses three different measurements simultaneously, and then correlates and averages the results for more precise readings,” Avner tells me.

“Fine,” I reply, “But the big advantage of a device like this is doing away with the need for test strips. That only works if you’re accurate enough so people (who take insulin!) don’t need to do fingersticks alongside the ear measurements.”

Naturally they’re feverishly gathering data. Even with improved numbers, they cannot predict whether the FDA would move GlucoTrack out of the “adjunctive therapy” category (a device to be used for extra information only).

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