Friday, December 18, 2009

Bayer's New Blood Glucose Meter With USB Connectivity

Bayer has recently released the CONTOUR USB blood glucose meter that plugs directly into a Windows or Mac computer for uploading of readings for later analysis and for sharing them with your doctor. The device shows readings on the screen and you can mark whether they were taken before or after a meal. Conveniently, there's also about 500 megabytes of empty storage space on the unit, so it can be used as a traditional USB thumbdrive as well.

  • A bright color display screen visible in any light that shows average, high and low readings with

  • Customizable features such as intuitive pre- and post-meal marking

  • 500MB extra memory for storage of personal diabetes information

  • Rechargeable battery that can charge from any USB port or via the CONTOUR USB wall charger provided

  • Glucofacts™ DELUXE diabetes management software

  • Here's Grandfather Walter Mossberg's review of the CONTOUR USB at the Wall Street Journal:

    More from Walt Mossberg...
    [Medgadget via CONTOUR® USB...]

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