Tuesday, December 29, 2009

DirecTV to debut world's first 3D HDTV channel

DirecTV to debut world's first 3D HDTV channel
DirecTV's launching a new satellite tonight, giving them beaucoups bandwidth for the world's first all-HD 3D channel. The satellite provider plans to populate that channel with movies, sports and other 3D programs.

There's not much technical information about what kind of 3D they'll be satcasting, but the company does say its HDTV satellite receivers will be able to show 3D content after a firmware upgrade. More details will be forthcoming at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show on January 7.

Oops, there's one catch: To watch this stuff, you'll need to choose a brand-new 3D-capable HDTV from Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, LG or others — set to go on sale after their rollout next month. So what's the point of this 3D onslaught? Is it to bring us a richer viewing experience, or sell more TV sets? Our answer: It's a little of the former, and lots of the latter.

[DVICE via HD Guru]

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