Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dolphin Browser Adds Multitouch Support for Droid

If you’re a Droid owner, you’ll want to check out the recently updated Dolphin browser. After hanging out in the Android Market for a few months, the web browser just picked up a few enhancements, most notably, multitouch support. Since Droid does allow for multitouch in third party apps, the developers decided to bake that into the latest build of their web client. Until the WebKit browser comes with 2-finger support, Dolphin looks to be the best choice.
Dolphin bills itself as social, smart, and fast. Judging by the short clip below, we’d also like to add “feature rich” and “intuitive” to the list.
Among the features found in Dolphin:
  • Quick access to Google services (Search, Gtalk, Gmail, etc)
  • Fast windows switching
  • All-in-one start page
  • Sync with Google bookmarks
  • RSS detection and subscription

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