Friday, December 4, 2009

Google Replaces with Google Dictionary

If your query includes a single word or it's an expression, Google links to the definition in the blue bar that mentions the number of results. Initially, Google linked to, then it switched to and now it uses its own service: Google Dictionary.

As mentioned in January, Google updated the English dictionary with synonyms, antonyms, pronunciations, detailed definitions and examples from Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner's English Dictionary. Google's dictionary lists the most recent 5 searches, you can star words, find related words and definitions from the Web.

In 2007,'s CEO said that 'there's no deal between Google and for the definition links. Google picked because it thought was a good resource, not because the two companies had negotiated any placement.'

Google Dictionary is not a perfect replacement for because it doesn't include information from encyclopedias. Some people might miss's reference pages that aggregated information from many reputable sources, but those who clicked on Google's definition links to read definitions and to find synonyms won't be very disappointed.

[Google Operating System (Unofficial Google Blog) via Los Angeles Times]

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