Tuesday, October 13, 2009

GlideTV: Thumb-friendly HTPC remote


The GlideTV Navigator is a $150 wireless remote control for use with home theater PC setups. The large-ish center trackpad area is surrounded by various buttons while the outside of the remote features media, search, power, and volume controls.
The remote comes with a charging station and USB receiver that works “with Windows PC, Apple Mac, Sony PlayStation 3, or any set-top box that supports standard mouse and keyboard HID devices,” though the real draw is for Windows users as special GlideTV software can be used to launch applications and web sites, as well as search various popular content providers like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, YouTube, and more.
The Windows-only software also provides a much needed on-screen keyboard.

This product features:
Clickable touchpad mapped to your TV screen — precise cursor control, one-thumb scrolling, single and double-click selection.
Backlit AV buttons to control volume and playback.
Directional buttons for easy two-axis navigation.
Dedicated Esc, Enter, Back, and Function keys to control applications.
On-screen keyboard — requires download, Windows only.
Integrated search menu with links to Google, Amazon Video on Demand, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and more - requires download, Windows only.
Rechargeable battery.

United States — $149
Eurozone — €129 (VAT included)
United Kingdom — £119 (VAT included)


[CrunchGear via Gizmodo]

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