Wednesday, October 7, 2009

TransferJet: Put that USB cable away for good

TransferJet: Put that USB cable away for good
Imagine never needing to connect your USB cable to transfer photos from your camera to your PC. OK, yeah, Eye-Fi cards let you do that already, but it's a little roundabout, sending your pics to a server via the Web, then transferring them to your computer. TransferJet wireless tech does the same thing, just directly. And faster.
The technology has actually been kicking around for a while, unveiled by Sony a couple of years ago. Now it appears to gaining momentum, with Toshiba recently joining the 40 or so companies developing TransferJet products. The idea is to make file transfers ridiculously easy: When you want to share or move files between devices, just hold put them an inch or two away from each other, and the transfer happens automatically. There's an initial setup to keep it secure, but the short range alone will keep most unwanted connections away.
Because of the short range, the 4.48GHz tech consumes very little power. And the speed is pretty good -- 560 megabits per second (375 Mpbs effective), better than USB 2.0. Checking out a demo of TransferJet here at CEATEC, we were able to check out photos we took on a big screen seconds after we took them. We're sold. When can we get it?

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