Monday, October 5, 2009

Israel Innovation Generates Electricity by Driving on Roads [Green Energy]

An Israeli innovation succeeded in generating electricity from the traffic on roads. The power generator is based on a piezoelectric layer that is installed 5cm under the road pavement. Cars driving on the road applying their weight on the generators to create electricity which is stored in batteries on the sides of the road.

Currently the researchers tested the technology on 10 meters of single lane highway and managed to create 2000KW/h. If applied to 1 km of a 4 lane highway it is estimated, deduced from this experiment's results, to be able to create 1 MegaWatt/h of electricity, enough to supply electricity to about 2500 homes.

For the drivers nothing is changed in the driving experience. The electricity will be able to power street lamps, traffic lights and any road side consumer. Weather has no effect on the generators productivity or maintenance.

This is the first time roads are used to create electricity ever. Hoping to see more and more power generating road in the future.

Update: A physical conundrum came to my mind. How is possible to create energy without wasting energy? The weight of the car is creating the energy you say? Who will pay for this energy? The piezoelectric crystal materials which are the "Power Generators" change their physical properties when the traffic, the cars, runs over them and them they "stretch" back with their elasticity. But this is as if the cars is driving in a constant, although very small, climb. This is where the energy comes from - the fuel you and me pay for to fill our tanks. We will pay for this electricity without any reward (unless you count streetlights ROI, which we already pay city tax for!!!).

Let me know what you think in the comments.

[TheMarker (Heb)]

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