Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Xerox Develops Ink To Print Circuits On Nearly Anything [Printable Circuits]

Wearable electronics aren't news, but being able to make them cheaply and easily is. Xerox has developed an ink with which you can print circuits onto plastic, film, fabric, and nearly anything you can think of.
From more durable, flexible electronics to nifty, wearable gear to cheap, throw away gadgets, the possible applications will be endless the day Xerox's 'silver bullet' ink hits the market. Despite the lack of details on when that'll actually happen or what sort of equipment will be required for the actual printing process, I'm already daydreaming about pants with all sorts of gadgetry built in. [Gizmodo via Venture Beat]

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  1. Wow.! Period then exclamation mark because its quite the revolution! Its about time that companies endure a bit of a twist in their representation, its not often we get to see something like this but hey it'll be worth the production! A company's image sometimes needs a different approach or way of handling situations. Whether people think it to be unique or not, Im my own individual and nothing will get in the way of my vision!


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