Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mitsubishi astonishes CEATEC with gigantic 155-inch OLED display

Mitsubishi astonishes CEATEC with gigantic 155-inch OLED display
And to think we were impressed with the Zune HD's 3.3-inch OLED display. That would be positively puny next to this Mitsubishi 155-inch OLED TV sitting on the show floor of CEATEC 2009 in Japan. This massive monitor is even bigger than that gigantic 150-inch Panasonic plasma screen from a couple of CES shows ago.

This monster monitor consists of 720 modular sections that are each slightly larger than that Zune HD's OLED screen — the 4x4-inch pieces are placed tightly together in a near-seamless configuration. This modular design can be expanded to any size you want. No one is saying what resolution this particular display has, but from a distance those modules seem to mesh together rather well.
We're so impressed by the contrast, sharpness and three-times brighter images of OLED displays, we only wish we had a room large enough or a bank account big enough to accommodate such a behemoth. Never mind that, you can't buy one of these yet anyway. Wait about five years, and these displays will fill entire walls at bargain prices.

From the show floor, here's a video of the screen:

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